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When a guy gets touched up at a massage parlour he’s supposed to pay extra for it.

When it happens to a girl she’s supposed to go to the police.


Taboo: In defence of prostitution

There is a yin and yang at the basis of humanity – the duality of self versus other.

Yin: My body is incontrovertibly mine. It is the only thing I truly possess, and as such I can do with it anything I choose.

Yang: My body does not belong to anybody else (including the state). No one else has the right to do anything to it.

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Daily grind.

About eight months ago I nearly slept with a Thai hooker. It was an interesting experience and de-mystified things a little for me, but it was emotionally negative. I didn’t come out of it feeling particularly good.

About eight days ago I slept with two hookers in New Zealand. And I came out it bouncing off the walls. I was grinning ear-to-ear for days afterward, and wouldn’t hesitate to repeat the experience.

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