Body mod

I’ve just signed up for a trial session of laser hair removal (more specifically IPL). I did so for three reasons: I spend $60 on waxing every month, so I’d save money in the long run (and stop getting ingrown hairs); the trial was half price; apparently it’s painful – I’m curious to know what it feels like.

But I have serious reservations about progressing from the trial to a full course of treatment. IPL is designed to vaporize hair at the root, ideally also destroying the hair-producing follicle. A highly successful course means permanent removal of almost all the treated hair. More usually the process is partially successful, but even that means hair becomes permanently finer and more sparse.

All hair removal is a cosmetic affection, but I don’t think I can embrace that in a permanent form. I love my body and would feel like I was betraying it were I to change it forever. What’s more, IPL would mean I could never again grow an amazing 70s bush. Is that too great a cost? I suspect so.



  s wrote @

but would you really grow a 70′ bush again? H is lasered (I thought it was a good idea and still do) so that option is out for her….

  elle wrote @

Having discussed it with J, I reckon what I want is somewhere between full scale Brazillian and cautious bikini line.

Gonna discuss it when I go for the trial, although salons here are notorious for hard-selling whether it’s suitable for the customer or not.

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