I wrote this three years ago with a recipient in mind. This is the first time I’ve read it since and I was a bit shocked by how graphic and unapologetic the description is, but I still like the piece.

Needless to say, there is content of an adult nature behind the cut.


There are fingers in my mouth. Teasing at first, but soon nails tear the soft skin inside my cheek and knuckles force my jaw apart. Lubed with my own choking spit, fingers move from mouth to ass. A moment of familiarity. Cunt filled with cock and fingers probing my asshole. The instant shatters when teeth sink into my shoulder. Not kissing or licking but locked in place, trying to tear through flesh. I breathe through the pain in ragged gasps. His other hand moves to my clit, pinning me between satisfaction and fear. Knowing the extent of his control, he works me towards unwilling orgasm. I need to move with him but I’m paralysed by his teeth, aware of how little it would take for blood to flow. The slut in me wants his cock deeper, his fingers to force my ass wider, and he knows the slut will win. She always does. My hips grind backward as pain sears down to meet the waves travelling from my cunt. The two merge, I can’t tell them apart anymore and I collapse ragged and torn. I think I am crying. There are fingers in my mouth.


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