Two trippy peas in a far-out pod

London life can get pretty crazy. Jonty and I are out a lot of the time, often independent of each other. When we go out together it’s usually in big groups with our joint friends, so it doesn’t leave much quality time as a couple.

We do try and remember to go on dates but when we’re both home we slide into the lazy habit of slumping together in front of the TV or slumping separately in front of computer games or books.

This doesn’t necessarily undermine our relationship, or call it into question, but what it does mean is that we have to take its foundations for granted. It is necessary to assume the basal mechanisms work fine in order to keep the higher functions ticking over.

Then for two weeks every year we go adventuring somewhere silly, and it’s like throwing open every window in the house (how many cliched metaphors?!). We still have so much fucking fun together, just hanging out day after day, talking, laughing, teasing, drinking.

It’s wonderful to be reminded of all the big and small and daft and important reasons we’re a couple, and reassuring to know that the crazy-busy grind of London life works so well for us because those reasons are always there, working away under the surface to stabilise and steer everything else.

There is no one else in the world I would rather have as a travel companion, or share the bits in between with. I’m pretty lucky to have something like that to take for granted on a daily basis.


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