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Shanghaied to Singapore

The Boy and I didn’t really choose Singapore. It would be whimsical to suggest it chose us. I guess J’s company ended up choosing it for us.

We had our hearts set on China, but a job offer that had only half made it to the table was discretely withdrawn. We tried to get there by other means, but without being bilingual it’s quite a closed market.

Then S’pore came up, and after a bit of consultation we figured what the hell. It’ll get us out of the UK, there’s great diving, we have friends in the region and we can practice our Mandarin (and Singlish, lah).

But what of moving to a dictatorship?

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Character analysis

It sounds feasible that you can tell a lot about a man from the library he keeps. Presumably the same is true of his hard drive.

J and I have pretty much agreed that we’re gonna wipe the porn off our computer. I don’t know whether they’d check it at S’pore customs, but if they did we could be deported before we’ve even left the airport.

I wonder what they’d make of the boy and I, and our relationship with each other, if they did take a peek.

About half our collection comprises Anal Sluts parts one through to 750, a quarter is tentacle hentai, and the rest is tearful girls getting beaten up.


This blog as a word cloud. Cool, huh?

Localised rapture

I have so many thoughts about moving that I don’t know where to start, or how to make sense of them all.

I’ve found myself repeating a lot that I’m not running from anything in London, just to something in Asia. It’s almost as if London life is so good that it’s time to move on, find something challenging to do.

That doesn’t change the fact that I’m leaving behind scores of amazing people. Naturally, if I had to pick one amazing person to take with me, it’d be J (handily), and at the virtual end of the scale there are a lot of people with whom my friendship is almost entirely online – I’m hoping that won’t change too much.

But in between there is a select handful of friends with whom I’ve shared some really great naked-time in the past six months or so.

If I pretend to be gauche I can shrug and chalk it down on the ‘great experience’ board, but I’m not really that person. I don’t get sex-space without mind-space (which is why I rarely shag proper randoms), and I never take fucking someone for granted.

Leaving these people behind is gonna hurt like hell.

Socially acceptable

I spent most of Sunday pondering how come my arse was so sore, given that the rather lovely girl in the fetish club hadn’t hit me *that* hard.

Suddenly, at dinner with friends that evening, I declared “Of course, it was Jonty! He beat me before we went out.”

It’s very difficult to talk about SM without sounding like you should be shepherded to the nearest halfway house.

Challenging psycho-social experiment

I’ve made another blog, to talk about the highs and lows of starting a new life a million miles from everything I’ve known and loved for the past 28 years.

On the assumption that I’m gonna send the link to propah grown-ups (family &tc), I’ve decided it’s gonna be PG-level content.

Except, I spend most of my waking life talking, thinking and writing about sex. (I rarely dream about it :-(). Keeping it clean is going to be quite a challenge.

I hadn’t realised the extent to which I was afflicted until I tried to write about the fact that the nervous excitement is making me manic *without* mentioning that I was moved to bring myself off in the toilets at work, just so I could calm down enough to concentrate on something for more than eight and a half seconds.

It’s fun being this crazy without being depressed. I’m generally hypomanic, so I have highs but the lows always have a lot more impact. But this is full on mania and I’ve been bouncing around, grinning from ear to ear for more than a week.

Notably, I have a very specific sense that all my systems are running at capacity. My mind feels sharper, my appetites are insatiable (food, booze, sex, drugs, spanking, hardhouse) and I can’t seem to sit still for a second.

Dunno how sustainable it is, but at the moment life is like being at the best theme-park ever!

Status updates you rarely see on Facebook

Louise is… so fucking horny that she’s gonna chew her own arm off if she doesn’t get laid soon.